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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting In The Spirit

Hello Everyone!!  It took me quite awhile to get back here but I have been so busy it's amazing.  I don't see how other crafty bloggers do it.  They are able to keep up with their blogs consistently.  I had a good run there for awhile but then life happens!  Well, one of the most daunting things happened which really hampered my posting was loosing my I-phone.  It's sounds ridiculous but I had everything on that phone, it was like a mobile personal library of congress for me.  All of my pics for my postings and it was so easy to blog with that thing. I think I relied on it so much that when it was lost/stolen (because someone took it, started using it and didn't return i) it took away my drive to post and I suppose that's not a good thing.  I have probably lost lots of followers over this and well I guess I sorta deserve it.  Well for now I'm going to try to pick up the pieces and move on.

I am going to share one of my new creations for Christmas ( my FAV holiday) and one project that I am teaching:
I used 1x3 inch strips of the MME Lost & Found, adhere strips to a paper mache cone shape with Modgepodge, sprinkled on diamond dust for a little twinkle.

Next for one of my classes we made this neat Christmas Tree wood album by Kaiser Kraft and here are the pics:

 I truly enjoyed teaching this class!!

Well that's it for now I pray that you all have been Happy Crafters and I'll post again SOON!!  Blessings as Always :0)


  1. Tammy, I absolutely love this project of yours. I'm so glad to see another post from you.


  2. Oh the end result is super cute!! You should do a Christmas Swag Class


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